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The solid significance of hardwood floors in Springfield, IL

There are many reasons to consider hardwood flooring in Springfield, IL for your home, and we’d like to take some time to tell you more about them. Whether you’re looking for the most beautiful, the most durable, or the most long-lasting floor covering, you’ll find all these attributes in one material. Additional options give you the ability to fine-tune your floors with colors and protection that is incredibly helpful in busier spaces, so be sure to read on and find out more

Wood floors in Springfield, IL offer plenty of options

If you're unfamiliar with all the options available to you with the wood floors, you’ll love taking the time to find out about them. Learn about the different species, such as oak, cherry, maple, and many more, that each has its own set of characteristics. We suggest a harder species for busier homes, which helps your flooring reach its lifespan with ease, and less refinishing is needed.

The stain color is a perfect way to personalize your floors for your specific décor, so it’s good to know what your options are with the materials you choose. Site finished materials offer extensive color options, but it is the most labor-intensive when it’s time for installation. Prefinished materials provide a much faster installation time but with fewer options for color.
We are often asked about the best option for below-grade spaces, and our answer is always engineered wood flooring. These materials perform well in areas where dampness, humidity, and temperature fluctuation are ongoing, so you’ll have a better experience overall. You can still choose a species and stain color, as well as an excellent finish, for an appearance that matches the hardwood throughout the rest of your home.

Hardwood installation begins with acclimation, which can last from one to several days. Our installers are experienced and have all the most up to date equipment for a perfect installation. To get more details about this process, be sure to visit us at your convenience.

Choose Flooring of Springfield Inc. for hardwood floors for sale in Springfield, IL

When you need a retailer that provides outstanding hardwood floors in Springfield, IL, excellent services, and unrivaled customer satisfaction, Flooring of Springfield Inc. is here for you. From our Springfield, IL showroom, we serve the communities of Springfield, IL, Chatham, IL, Sherman, IL, Rochester, IL, Williamsville, IL, Jacksonville, IL, Riverton/Spaulding, IL, Taylorville, IL, && Auburn, IL, and would love the opportunity to serve you as well. Feel free to stop by when you’re in the area to take a look at our extensive line of wood flooring for sale to find what’s best for your home.